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protection against xtremes

Working Xtreme is a series of high-quality technical products, crafted for professionals in a classic and timeless fit and design. With the product wide assortment, it is always possible to find garments to keep you warm, as well as to protect against blistering wind and persistent rain.

The Scandinavian designed waterproof workwear is functional and durable and compares to regular workwear you can use all day long.

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stretch collection

being comfortable while working

Being comfortable while working is no longer an issue with the developments in the workwear market today – for sure stretch products are here to stay. We are proud to introduce the two ELKA Mechanic stretch collections which feature products in a modern design with segmented reflective tape. Mechanical stretch is optimal for the wearer, due to the special weave as continuous bends and flex movements do not deplete the fabric and the clothing can be washed again and again without compromising the shape and elasticity.

The stretchable fabric is laminated with a flexible PU-membrane for a class 3/3 wind-, waterproof and breathable product, that can be used as ordinary workwear throughout the day. 

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elka zip-in options 

working xtreme zip-in fits all shell jackets 

Zip in function – a wide range of combination possibilities With the Zip-In products, we offer a wide selection of combination possibilities across the different collections. With an outerlayer of wind-, waterproof and breathable Working Xtreme or Visible Xtreme shell jacket, you have the possibility to adjust your workwear for the changing temperatures during the day with an insulating thermal or fleece jacket as a mid-layer for absolute temperature control. 

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elka ripstop

strong and reliable protection

The Ripstop products provide strong and reliable protection for your entire working day. The set is modern, but with the traditional features known from our other windproof, waterproof and breathable products and can be used across various outdoor industries. The high breathability and structure of the fabric, ensures an efficient barrier against wind, as well as comfort during physical activity, as the perspiration is carried outside, while comfortable body heat is maintained on the inside.

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