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Denmark is surrounded by water, making fishing a traditional and natural business in Denmark. Since ELKA’s foundation in 1958 one of our main objectives has been the outfitting and protection of fishermen on the Danish fishing fleets. After sixty years of sending these heavy duty garments out to sea to work in severe weather conditions, we are proud to say that they stand up to the test every time. Maybe you have noticed the yellow ELKA braces around the dock areas?

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fishing xtreme

core collection

The Fishing Xtreme is the core collection made of 100% waterproof heavy duty PVC/Polyester. The products are simply designed, always in solid florescent orange or with navy contrast, in a relaxed fit that makes it ideal for layering. The wide collection of oil and cold resistant garments with the yellow ELKA braces is known for the high durability and used by fishermen all over the world for all-purpose fishing.

Fishing Xtreme was where ELKA started out and we have collaborated with fishermen through more than 60 years to develop a range of clothing that live up to the requirements when working in this extreme environment. Quality and function go hand in hand to protect against the extremes of nature.

fishing shield

the toughest 2-layer fishing wear on the market

The latest development within our fishing range. A two layer product with tough cordura on the outside, for maximum abrasion resistance and a welded, stretchable PU/ nylon inner layer to gurantee absolute waterproof abilities while working the high seas. The products have been tested under extreme conditions by members of the Canadian fishing fleet. The  excellent tear strength and high resistance to abrasion makes these products the toughest on the market and are wind- and water resistant 


collaboration with innovative european producers

The advantages of the ELKA quality lie in the production and the treatment of the fabric we use. Our fabric is developed in collaboration with innovative European producers and meet the requirements of REACH, meaning that the fabrics are safe to wear and free from harmful chemicals banned in the EU.

The fabrics have high water columns, making the garments ideal for rough seas and days of continuous rain.The fabrics used for the ELKA industrial fishing collection is cold- and fish oil resistant. This means that the marked products are especially durable when working in cold weather – down to -30°C, as the fabric does not crack or become stiff. Furthermore, the resistance against fish oils make it optimal for this line of work, as the fabric does not deteriorate.

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”At Enterprises Shippagan Ltd, we are privileged to have Elka in our line of products. The brand is very well known in Canada and appreciated by all our clients. The demand for Elka suits increases every year. The line has proven to be very consistent and the quality is second to none. There is no doubt, Elka is top brand in our part of the world.”

- Purchase Adam Chiasson



“ELKA has been chosen by Icelandic fisherman for over 20 years. The strength and comfort of the fabric is perfect for the harsh work situation that they endure every day. This quality is what gives ELKA the advantage needed for the Icelandic fisherman.”

- Branch manager Jon Gauti Dagbjartsson

elka unlimited

premium collection & high visibility 

The UNLIMITED collection features a range of high visibility florescent yellow and navy contrast garments with reflective details, which provides safety both on the ship as well as when working on the docks. ELKA UNLIMITED is the premium collection of garments produced in a soft and heavy duty PVC quality with oil resistance and excellent cold-weather properties. The products have high end Prismatic reflective tape, with a highly efficient return of light. A brighter and tighter beam extends much further giving prismatic tapes an operating range beyond the thousand-foot mark.

The relaxed fit of the products makes them ideal for layering and the longer back panel provides added protection, while working at sea. These top of the line products also offer neoprene cuffs as a standard feature as well as extra reinforcements in the most exposed areas of the torso and legs for extra abrasion resistance and durability. 

”We choose ELKA because our main criteria is the freedom of movement and a soft material when it comes to heavy duty workwear. ELKA keeps us dry all day in pouring rain.”

- Jan, Fisherman
“Gutterne på kutterne”
TV2 Denmark, Danish television

nordic fishing

freedom of movement  

The Nordic Fishing collection is developed in collaboration with European fishermen, to provide garments where focus is on the freedom of movement compared to traditional heavy duty PVC. Working in this industry sometimes requires a tough and durable garment, which at the same time is flexible and stretchable. This collection of workwear is comprised of a variety of medium duty PVC fabrics, where a lighter and stretchable material on the back and hood enhance comfort and movement. All fabrics are oil and cold resistant and with a focus on details and functionality.

fishing catalogue

See our Fishing catalogue online, with all our story telling, products overview, size chart and specification about the certifications.  

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elka waders

outstanding comfort & durability

Chest and thigh waders have occupied a central position in ELKA’s product range for many years to satisfy the demands made by angling and deep sea fishing. Our European fabrication in soft, hardwearing 600g PVC/Polyester guarantees outstanding comfort and durability. 


european production

and the quality of details

The ELKA range of clothing for commercial fishing and food processing is based on more than 60 years of experience with wind- and waterproof workwear for professionals. Through many years of dedication to the European fishing industry, we have developed a wide assortment in close co-operation with the professional fishermen, who have great demands in relation to strength, comfort and functionality.

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