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ELKA - Protection against extremes


ELKA remains innovative, flexible and create solutions that lie outside the traditional framework. At ELKA we put our customers and dealers in absolute focus. Only through quick and quality-conscious service, can we ensure our customers a positive experience - an experience which can be conveyed to others and create satisfaction for all parties.

We have created and operate a sustainable business that continually manages to provide customers and employees with the reassurance, that we at ELKA develop, manufacture and market products of the highest quality.

Know-how is our most powerful resource, and some of our key personnel have been with from the very beginning. This combined with new momentum in the form of younger employees ensures that we can continue to be flexible and innovative. We have our own production facilities in Europe that allows quick conversion and thus increased flexibility and better service for our customers.

We are also experts in special production for the most business - our focus is on customer's needs!