About us


ELKA was founded in Karup by Ejnar Lauridsen in 1958. The name comes from the founder's initials (EL) and the city name (KA). The products were primarily underwear for men and women, as well as waterproof clothing. This has slowly developed into the collection we know today.

In 1979 the name was changed into the more international name "ELKA Rainwear A/S" and we have continued to work with the challenge to protect against the extremes of nature. This know-how means that we are able to sell high-quality products with excellent functionality. We offer a global service, so our customer can rest assured that they are always first in line.

Know-how is our greatest resource, and that experience, combined with the dynamism, ensures that we remain flexible and innovative. This website will give you an idea of ELKA's extensive product range, which incudes several new launches such as Dry Zone, D-Lux, EDGE and other exciting products.

We are also experts in special solutions for most industries - our focus is on your needs!


- To give our customer a total solution as supplier of quality waterproof clothing.

- To give our customers the complete service that respect each individual need.

- To create a challenging workplace that motivate each employee to achieve new goals and to develop both personally and professionally.

- To respect the nature around us and always obtain environmentally compatible productions.

Mission - what we do:

- Remain innovative, flexible and create solutions which also lies outside the traditional framework

- Creates and operates a sustainable company that constantly manages to give our customers and employees the confidence inspired by the fact that we at ELKA develop, manufacture and market products of the very best quality.

Bespoke production

At ELKA we work with materials such as PU, PVC, nylon, polyester, microfibre, cotton, etc. Our know-how in production and materials is very important when starting a cooperation on special productions. But for many of our customers, it is also important that we have a flexible and safe delivery set-up. For almost 20 years we have had our own production plant in Lithuania and we have a good network in China, where the existing suppliers have been partners for many years.

In every collaboration our focus lays on the needs of our customer. We take pride in making quality products as well as providing delivery reliability and flexibility. In close partnership with our customers we are happy to share our know-how on design, construction, material selection and production. The degree of our involvement is up to the customer.

Through the years we have produced waterproof clothing, work wear, thermal wear, snowsuits, softshell jackets and other clothing for our customers. But we have also made special production of waders, covers for bicycle trailers, pylon covers for airport use and much more with special functional qualities. We have not yet received a challenge that we have not solved.

At ELKA, we have a team of designers in Denmark who create designs to our customers when requested. Many customers, however, delivers their own designs. We are continuously in close dialogue and partnership with the production site in China, to assure that no production is started until materials, production methods and design are approved by the customer. Our partners in China have great capacity in their sample work-rooms thus they can provide the requested number of samples.

We put great respect in keeping delivery deadlines of sales samples as well as the actual production.

Delivery Service


You order - we deliver...

With all catalog items in stock in Denmark we are able to send orders within two working days. As a result the end customer will quickly receive the requested garments. Furthermore the distributor will avoid large and unnecessary stockpiles and outlays. 

We only work with trusted agents who understand our customer's needs for fast and safe delivery.


Missing just one jacket...?

ELKA's flexibility is very important and thus we offer you no minimum quantities. So when you are missing just one jacket you can always order from ELKA.
No orders are too large or too small!



ELKA is pleased to help...

As a distributor of ELKA's products you will of course have free access to all product shots, images, material information, certifications and other materials you might need for your catalog or website. Furthermore we also support customer events where you might require our know-how.

All material is available in the updated data bank.

Are you missing racks, hangers, roll-ups, posters, catalogues or other forms of marketing material, please contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

Solvency AAA credit rating

For many years, ELKA has maintained an important solvency ratio which gives us an AAA credit rating from Bisnode.

With this rating, we send a clear signal to our dealers that we are a solid and trustworthy company which for many years to come, will be an important player in the market.


See the 2019 credit rating here